WPSA Direct Care Competency Training

Right now WPSA is administering a program for "training the trainers" of direct care staff in order to create a competency-based system for empowering Direct Care Workers by developing specialized hands-on skills, emphasizing mentoring/tutoring and communication, and were designed to require demonstration and proven ability to perform required tasks on an individual basis. We call it DCC Training - which stands for Direct Care Competencies.

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DCC Training is Right Around the Corner!

Important information about the DCC training:

  • The WPSA Trainers have piloted this training program at their agencies and have experienced the positive outcomes of the DCC including cost-effectiveness and satisfied consumers/guardians and well-trained, confident personal care workers.
  • Participants will receive a DCC Assessment and Training Manual that includes the Best Practices for DCC training.
  • Participants will receive a DCC Assessment and Training Certificate.
  • The DCC Program has been designed for Medicaid, Family Care and Private Duty/Private Pay Personal Care Workers.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Weiss, 262-424-2901 or e-mail her at amyweiss3@icloud.com
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The WPSA Education Committee