Congress Provides Funding for National Family Caregiver Council

Congress has voted to provide $300,000 to help fund implementation of the RAISE Family Caregivers Act. This will help fund the creation of a national Family Caregiving Advisory Council charged with developing a family caregiving strategy.

The Strategy must recommend actions that Federal, State, and local governments, communities, health care providers, long-term services and supports providers, and others are taking, or may take, to recognize and support family caregivers in a manner that reflects their diverse needs. The Advisory Council would consist of the following appointed members:  Family caregivers, older adults with long-term services and supports needs; individuals with disabilities; health care and social service providers; long-term services and supports providers; employers; paraprofessional workers; state and local officials; accreditation bodies; veterans; other experts and advocacy organizations.  

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Congress funds first step for national caregiving strategy