U.S. House Passes EVV Delay Legislation

The U.S. House acted on a voice vote Tuesday to pass H.R. 6042, which delays EVV financial penalties by 1 year and sets forth some standards about stakeholder input. Specifically, it requires CMS to hold at least one public meeting in 2018 to get feedback  from Medicaid stakeholders on the EVV guidance they issued on May 16, 2018.

This bill was introduced on June 7 by Congressman Brett Guthrie and is slightly different from the bill authored by Senator Lisa Murkowski.

During brief debate on the bill, Congressman Guthrie talked about how EVV is important for program integrity and that OIG has warned of fraud in personal care. He said the delay is needed to make sure that EVV is implemented effectively and that they have received feedback that more time is needed.

The U.S. Senate will now need to vote on this version of the bill before it becomes law. Contract Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin and ask them to support this legislation!