Governor Evers' Proposed State Budget Includes 1.5% Increase to Personal Care

Governor Evers introduced his 2019-21 state budget on February 28. It includes several major investments in Medicaid, including a 1.5% per year increase to personal care rates and accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid.

 Highlights of the more than 1,100 page bill include:

 Personal Care Rates: Increases personal care rates by 1.5% per year. This would mean the MAPC rate would be approximately $16.98 in Fiscal Year ’20 and $17.23 in Fiscal Year ’21. Budget language says this rate increase should be used to “to support staff in those agencies who perform direct care.”

 Family Care Direct Care Funding: Provides an additional $14.7 million per year to increase the direct care and services portion of the capitation rates the department provides to managed care organizations in recognition of the direct caregiver workforce challenges facing the state. This increase would bring total funding for the program to approximately $90 million for the biennium.

 Nursing Homes Rates: Increases nursing homes and ICF-IIDs rates by 1.5% per year for direct care staff; and an additional 1% per year for acuity of patients.